Food & Drink Debt Collection

The UK Food & Drink industry is sadly plagued by unpaid debts. A recent report indicated that each UK Food & Drink firm writes off around £10,000 of bad debt each year – but this needn’t be the case. Debt Collect UK are a specialist debt collection agency that can help you recover unpaid business debts and get your cash flow back on track. We help all kinds of business from wholesale retailers to Food & Drink business and from small business right up to major PLC’s.

Recovering Debt in the Food & Drink Industry UK

It is essential that those in the Food & Drink industry look to protect their business against business losses. Cash flow is essential to keeping your business afloat and whether you are owed a few thousand pounds or several hundred thousand, Debt Collect can help you recover the funds due to you.

Debt recovery in the Food & Drink industry requires specialist expertise, the complex nature of Food & Drink contracts can often mean you are paid less than you are owed, not paid on time, or even not paid at all. One of the biggest issues for Food & Drink debt is retention payment recovery and many businesses struggle to get these payments back. However, here at debt collect we can work with you and your debtors to maximise your debt recovery. We provide a cost effective solution for recovering unpaid debts in the Food & Drink industry and get you the result you need to run your business profitably.

Debt Collect UK Food & Drink Debt Recovery Service

At Debt Collect UK we have more than 35 years of experience in assisting clients in the Food & Drink industry reclaim debt that is owed to them. With clients from all over the UK, Europe, America, Australia and South Korea our highly skilled debt collection experts work on a no collection, no fee basis – so you can be sure we are working hard for you and your business.

Our experts will never ask you to pay any membership fees, registration fees or administration costs – just a reasonable commission on the collections we make for you. We have a high recovery rate of 80% – and growing. Whether you need to recover millions of pounds or significantly less, we will approach your case ethically, legally and professionally through our comprehensive range of services designed to assist your business recovery and improve your credit and cash flow. We work with you and your clients to get you the best possible recovery, and retain your client relationships if you wish to do so.

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