How Does International Debt Collection Work?

If your business deals regularly with clients overseas, it can be a very daunting task to recover your invoice or invoices if they don’t pay you.

Every country in the World has different rules, regulations, laws and litigation procedures. International Debt Recoveries can be a complete minefield for a business to attempt to collect themselves.

The debtor probably thinks they have no need to pay the creditor as they are based thousands of miles away, so there will be no repercussions with non-payment of the account.

Contact the Debtor

If a creditor has not been paid by an international client, we would always recommend that the creditor try to get in contact with them first.

It can be quite difficult to communicate with a client overseas. If a creditor does not speak the language of the debtor, and vice versa the debtor does not speak English then this can cause a barrier.

Often debtors based abroad will use this as an excuse to not pay you as they don’t understand you, and emails may just be ignored. This is when the creditor could require the services of a specialist international debt collection company like Debt Collect UK Limited.

Specialist International Worldwide Debt Recovery

Debt Collect UK Limited have agents in every major country in the world, and can undertake any types of recoveries Internationally.

We have over 35 years experience in International Debt Recovery, and can undertake debt recovery, door to door collections and litigation overseas on our clients behalf.

Think we could help your business? For free initial debt collection advice please call us on 0333 800 8919 or contact us online.

Transfer Your Case To Us Today

Unable to recover an International Debt yourself? No problem, you can transfer your claim to us for a hassle free collection.

Creditors often mistakenly think that they can only start a collection in the debtors country. However, this is not the case. If you want to transfer an international case to us for recovery, please complete our enquiry form.

Send us your contact details, details of your debtor, where they are based, the value and age of the debt, and we will get one of our specialists in International Recoveries to call or email you with a quotation for the recovery.

All our international recoveries are instructed on a no collection no fee basis, and in most countries worldwide we do not charge any upfront fees or registration costs. However in a select few countries an upfront fee can be payable. We can provide details of this on request.

Debt Collect UK Limited – The Right Specialist for your International Debt Recovery

With overseas debt collections or a cross-border recovery, we will look at which specialist can best handle your case. The main drivers are on the nationality of the collection specialist.

For example, an International Collection in The Netherlands, would be handled by one of our Dutch collection specialists. They obviously speak the language, are aware of Dutch trading traditions and have extensive experience of legislation and litigation in The Netherlands.

Based on our client’s needs we will also ensure the right person always handles your case.

Experts in International Debt Recovery

After you have instructed us to collect your case, an international debt recovery specialist will immediately start working on it. We will always try to collect your debt without the need for litigation first, which we call the pre-legal phase.

In most instances we can provide our client with a credit report on the solvency of the company free of charge. We will approach the debtor in their own language by telephone, email and also by serving a demand upon them. This usually gauges a response from the debtor and they will pay.

International Litigation Debt Collection

If we have been unable to get your client to pay during the pre-legal stage, then we can take them to court for you. This comes with it’s own costs. Debt Collect UK make no profit on these costs. We will investigate if it is first of all worth our client proceeding with any litigation. This is usually established when we receive the credit report on the business we are pursuing. Conducting any type of litigation work whether in the UK or abroad comes with it’s own risks, but we will always give you a realistic picture of what your chances of success are, before you proceed.

Timescales on International Debt Recovery & Litigation

As we have previously mentioned each country in the world has it’s own rules and regulations around debt recovery. Our clients must bear in mind that the debt recovery and court process in each country and be very different to those in the UK. Therefore please bear in mind that International recoveries can take a lot longer than collections in the UK. We will always be there to guide you through the process and will provide you with updates on request.

What happens once we have received your International Payment?

Debt Collect UK are a fully FCA Regulated firm, and have a client account which your funds would be remitted into. We will then raise an invoice, deduct our fees and transfer the balance to you by CHAPS Transfer within 48 hours of us receiving your payment.

On occasion debtors can pay our clients direct, once our client has confirmed receipt of the payment our accounts department would raise an invoice for payment.

Get Help Today

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