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How to Invoice Properly

Get Paid Fast!

As debt collectors we see a lot of invoices. Some are good with the correct information on them but there are a great deal with practically nothing on them apart from the amount due!

Blank Invoice

If you want to get paid promptly then the first thing you should do is make sure you have a template for an invoice that will see you get paid ON TIME with no disputes.

Top Tips for invoicing

  1. Make sure your full name/legal entity of your business is on the invoice along with your contact information. This includes postal address, email address, telephone number and the contact name of the person who they should speak to (should they have any queries).
  2. Another big mistake is putting the WRONG name or address on the invoice.  Make sure you know who your customer is and the invoice should be made out to the correct legal entity.  Therefore your invoice should be either made out to – a soletrader, a Ltd Company, a partnership or an LLP. It’s very important all these details are perfect or payment can be delayed.
  3. Always quote the invoice number along with date the invoice was rendered.
  4. State THEIR credit terms on the invoice.  Every customer should be looked at on an individual basis according to their credit history.  Good payers might be on 60 days but slow payers might be on 30 days.  You might want paid on Receipt of invoice.  It’s entirely up to you but make sure your customers know their terms before you do business with them. Remember some customers will say they pay to 60 days etc but its important to point out that this is your terms and conditions.
  5. Always state HOW they can pay you and include your bank details. Give customers different options to pay i.e. Cheque, Bacs, Online payment system.
  6. Include payment information for each service rendered.  Customers usually want a break down rather just the figure.
  7. We recommend that you exercise your right to late payment interest.  State on your invoices if payments are late then late payment interest can be added to the account. You are entitled to this under government legalisation.  This can be used at your discretion but it’s a good deterrent. We can provide you with the wording for this.
  8. Email a copy of the invoice to your customer so you don’t have the excuse “it’s lost in the post”.
  9. Always remember it’s your right to be paid promptly and your customer has an obligation to pay on time therefore a concise invoice will help.
  10. Keep a thorough record of your invoices. A digital copy and a printed copy means you always have access to them should you need them.