Why you should instruct a Debt Collection Agency in the UK to Recover Your Debts

For most companies in the UK Debt Recovery can be a challenging, frustrating and very time consuming process, especially when a company’s efforts to collect their unpaid debts may have not produced good results, and their staff have been pursuing debts when they could have been assigned other tasks. In these types of scenarios enlisting the services of a debt collection agency in the UK can prove to be a game-changer. Debt Collection Agencies specialise in recovering debts efficiently and professionally, taking all the hassle away from a company’s Credit Control department and freeing up staff time for them to complete other tasks which maybe more beneficial to the department. It also makes a statement to the company’s clients that they are assertive with their ledger, and will pursue any late payers promptly. We will explore some of the reasons why instructing a debt collection agency is a wise decision.

Expertise & Experience

Debt Collection Agencies have the expertise and experience required to navigate the complex world of Debt Recovery. A reputable Debt Collection Agency will have a vast knowledge in UK debt collection laws, litigation, regulations and procedures ensuring that any debtors on a company’s ledger is pursued in a proficient and efficient manner. They should also be able to collect debts in any major country in the world with their connections and be specialists in Worldwide Debt Collection as well as collections in the UK. Debt Collection Agencies with their knowledge and experience will be able to identify the most effective processes and strategies for recovering a company’s debts, whilst minimising any risks to their clients. They can also provide companies with ways to improve their credit control processes to ensure that companies are not hit with as many bad debts, by offering ideas on how companies can tighten up how they deal with new and existing clients.

Improved Debt Recovery Rates

One of the primary reasons to hire a debt collection agency is their proven ability to improve debt recovery rates for their clients. This in turn increases their clients cashflow, and if a debt collector is instructed quickly, within the first 2 – 6 months of a client going into arrears then there is a higher probability that the debt will be recovered, as to waiting until it was around a year old. Debt Collection Agencies employ professional, experienced debt collection agents, who specialise in negotiation and persuasion techniques. They know how to approach debtors, communicate effectively and motivate debtors to repay their debts. All of this expertise leads to a faster and more successful recovery companies.

Time & Resources

As we have mentioned above, debt recovery can be a time-consuming, frustrating, resource intensive process for businesses. By outsourcing work to a Debt Collection Agency a company can free up valuable time and resources allowing staff to focus on core business operations. This efficiency can lead to increased productivity, morale and profitability in the long run.

Preserving Business Relationships

Some businesses can be personally involved with their clients, it can put a strain on relationships with debtors, whether they are, customers, clients or business partners. Hiring a debt collection agency doesn’t have to be a horrible process for them, Debt Collect UK can adapt their style to maintain business relationships, allowing us to act as a buffer and keeping emotions out of the process. This way a business can continue their relationship once the debt has been settled.

Access to Advanced Technology

Modern Debt Collection Agencies use advanced technology and software to streamline the recovery process. They use tools like predictive analytics, automated communication systems and skip tracing to locate debtors and communicate with them effectively. All of these technological advances significantly increase the chances of a successful recovery.

Legal Proceedings

Navigating the legal aspects of debt collection can be a complete minefield if not carried out correctly. Debt Collection Agencies are well-versed in the legal framework surrounding debt recovery and litigation in the UK, ensuring that all actions taken are compliant and within the law. This protects their clients from potential legal complications that could arise from pursuing debts inhouse themselves.

Customised Solutions

Debt Collection Agencies understand that every case they are instructed to collect is unique, and they tailor their approaches to collect the case accordingly. The can customise strategies to suit the specific needs of their clients, and also the debtors they are pursuing. This personalised approach increases the likelihood of recovering the case successfully.

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Instructing a Debt Collection Agency like Debt Collect UK to recover your corporate debts is a strategic move that can save companies not only time, but money and also the stress of trying to recover the debt themselves. These professional Debt Collection Agencies offer a range of benefits, from their expertise, experience, improved recovery rates, legal protection, access to cutting edge technology and good Debt Collection Agencies also will work for you on a no collection no fee basis, which means that there is very little further financial risk to their clients who are already out of pocket. Moreover, they allow companies to preserve important business relationships by maintaining a professional distance from the debt collection process.

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